What I Luv About This Minitruck Forum

Number One: This is soooooo much more than just a minitruck forum; better than any other kei trucks forum, Suzuki forum, Samurai forum, Trackick forum, or Jimny forum because it has the forum features but goes so far beyond just that. Here we have video chat, audio chat, instant messaging, classified ads, EVENTS, minitruck groups, connections and friendships, CONTESTS, point system, reviews, a shop, everybody gets their own blog, OMG I don’t even know what else. In fact, the features continue to come.

NoT Just A Minitruck Forum - Entire Social Network!

This is not your everyday minitruck forum, it’s an entire social network. Where else do we have where we can go and do so much? The list of features keeps expanding here too.

So why not be social, connect with me here and let's share some minitruck experiences, photos, and so on. I'd love to chat with anyone who likes to wheel in their lil truck or camp in their mini SUV.

Mini SUV Social Networking

It would be fantastic to use this site's Events feature to meetup with some other mini SUV drivers (Sidekicks, Trackers, Samurais, Sunrunners, X90s, Vitaras, Rocky's, Pajeros, Brats, Bajas, Raiders, Jeeps, Rodeos, Amigos, Roxors, Mahindras, Marutis, Monteros, Ladas, etc.) somewhere in America this summer and camp out.

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Myself, I like to do some light wheeling in my Geo Trackers and more than anything, I love to get out in the woods and camp with these lil SUV's. There seems to be nowhere that they cannot go.

I sure hope to connect with you in here, and at events.

Happy Trails!

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