Troller 4×4 – Brazil’s Tough Mudder Trucker


Troller 4x4 was such a formidable mini SUV, fully capable of Moab approach and departure angles (Trail measure 51 degrees, with a 30 degree break-over angle, and the ability to climb up a 45 percent grade), but unfortunately it was only available in Brazil. I say 'was' because, sadly, it's no longer being made, at the time of this writing. Is there still hope that Ford will decide to sell its manufacturing, and someone will revive it. Troller T4 needs to be in production, and it needs to be international.

Only ever available as a two-door minitruck, the Troller 4x4 was originally a cheap Jeep knock off with a fiberglass body and steel chassis. Then Ford bought the company and eventually changed Troller's T4 design to something fantastic. Is that last iteration of the T4 what Ford based their new Bronco on? They sure seem similar to me. In fact, the last version of the Troller 4x4 was built on the shortened Ranger platform.

Troller 4x4 History

Troller 4x4 in 2004
Troller 4x4 in 2004

Before Ford came along, what was the history of the Troller 4x4? Beginning in 1994, Troller was made for rally drivers, and as it turned out, rally races were both their testing ground and their proving ground.

The original Troller 4x4 production company was Troller Veículos Especiais S/A until Ford bought the company in 2007. Ford killed production of the Troller in October, 2021 although the official Troller 4x4 website is still online at the time of this writing, where they wrote, "...recognized reliability to navigate difficult terrain, in addition to having an "aggressive" engine to break through unknown paths."

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The standard Troller 4x4 had 4WD, a 5-speed manual transmission, Dana 44 differential, and a turbo diesel engine that was

2.8 liter 132 hp Turbo Diesel (2001–2005)

3.0 liter 163 hp Turbo Diesel (2005–2013)

3.2 liter 200 hp Turbo Diesel (2013–2021)

  • In 1996 the first Troller was built, in 1997 in-line production of the first model called RF Sport was produced, and it had a gas powered 1.8 liter engine.
  • In 1998 they switched it to a 110hp 2 liter engine.
  • Mass production began in 1999.
  • The model named 'T4' was first made in 2005 with 21 trucks made for the Sertoes International Rally.
  • In 2006 they switched to a 3 liter engine with 163 horse power.
  • In its last iteration, Troller T4 had two identical trim levels: XLT MT and XLT AT, with their differences being manual transmission and automatic transmission (auto being 55 pounds heavier).
  • 2010 Expedition limited production model of 100 trucks which were long distance travel oriented mini SUVs.
  • 2011 T4 Desert Storm was made with removable hard top, off-road bumpers, standard snorkel and winch.

Troller T4 Features

Rubber floor finish (washable with drain)
Electronic drive of the traction and reduction through the selector in the center console
Volumetric alarm with remote activation
6-inch front and rear speakers
Automatic/digital air conditioning with individual temperature control for driver and passenger
Headlights on audible warning
Roof rack with adjustable crossbars
Front and rear stabilizer bars
60/40 folding and retractable rear seat
Media Center 7” Troller Connect, AM/FM radio, 2 USB ports, Bluetooth, connectivity via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, OTA (Over the Air updates), AppStore, Cognitivio Manual and DigiTroller
Digitroller - Exclusive Troller Connect Application: Off Road Function (Pitch&Roll, Compass, Traction); Performance (G-Force, Tachometer, Records) and Car Info (Battery Charge Level, Coolant Temperature, Transmission Fluid Temperature)
Automatic pilot
multifunctional steering wheel
Armored rear camera for parking assistance
vinyl coated benches
pocketknife key
Steering column with height adjustment
On-board computer with 7 functions
Ceiling console with reading light
Center console with storage and cup holder
Steppe on the back door
Hermetically sealed LED taillight
High LED brake light (Break Light)
Panel with pre-arrangement for installation of off-road navigation devices
PATS - Electronic Immobilization System
Electrically adjustable exterior mirrors
Removable rear tow hook bracket
Panoramic sunroof front and rear
Power take-off (12 volts) on the instrument panel
Electric side and rear door locks
Electric fuel cap lock
Power windows, up/down, 1-touch anti-crush (driver and passenger)
Driver's Seat Belt Use Buzzer
3-Point Seat Belt for all occupants
Limited slip rear differential (LSD)
fog lights
Bumpers with removable tips painted in vehicle color
Front anchor points for shackle type hooks
Fiber front protector
Air intake in elevated position and prepared for snorkel installation

Troller 4x4 Network of Dealers

Troller 4x4 Dealer Network
Troller 4x4 Dealer Network

Troller 4x4 Rally Wins

2000 Paris Dakar Rally = 4th place
2000 Rally Dos Sertoes = Champion
2001 World Rally Cross Country = Champion T 3.2 Diesel category
2002 Brazil Rally Cross Country = Champion of Production Diesel and Super Production Diesel categories
2011 Rally Dos Sertoes = 2nd & 3rd place
2012 Rally Dos Sertoes = Champion of Production T2 category
2013 Rally Dos Sertoes = 2nd & 3rd place of Production T2 category
2014 Transcatarina Rally = Champion in 2 categories

Lovable T4 Troller

Join me in the Troller Group and we can talk and maybe we can plan a Troller gathering. I really, really, really-really-really like the look of the Troller 4x4 latest T4 model. Comment below if you love the Troller or not, and why.

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