This my little friend

SWB 3 door Geo Tracker

This is the story of my little friend, a SWB 3 door Geo Tracker. It is about how i found him and the times we have had together. I found him in a mountain town called Datil New Mexico he was in bad shape needed to know somebody could love him and the moment i saw his desperation i said little buddy your coming home with me. Well i give the man a thousand reasons why he should be mine and he agreed so off we went. Well i get him home and start the cleaning process in and out window tint was the hardest to get removed but got it done. Well while i was wondering where to start the starter went out and the tires popped setting in driveway .Got those repairs got tow bar hooked up and off to Arizona i headed well here is the bad of it first year motor goes so back to Phoenix got motor rebuilt and while there new clutch. Year two off to Arizona to spend the winter and do some wheeling great time. Third year in Yuma Az and trans 5 speed goes and to find out transfer case was also bad more money but the ole boy is worth it to me. Well as you would think i must be tired of all these repairs and money but the little guy is worth it. Now the next year yes back to Az and brakes go out drive with e brake so complete brake job but enjoyed the abundant trails Yuma has to offer. So i get back home and decide to rebuild front end and rest of drive line so all is new or rebuilt .  Now for the add Ons roof rack is off 80 s s10 2 door cut to fit width and added roof basket. Swing a way tire carrier bumper ebay  high lift added to it jerry can holder from amazon. made a box with plastic drawers in back for storage and extra parts. Seats were reupholstered and new carpet with sound deadner. I have camp lights added to roof rack (led). all in all is this vehicle wort all the money (8200) that i have put into it you bet you ass it is. My hop is to do the whole Arizona peace trail i think that i should have no problems machinal but i still carry extra parts. Want to get my winch bumper made for that just in case.

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