The Story of My Family Suzuki Jimny

blue Suzuki Jimny in driveway
blue Suzuki Jimny in driveway with other car

In my opinion, the Suzuki Jimny is the perfect car. I love its looks, I love how it handles, and how it’s also a spacious car with a decent amount of room in the back. It has been my family car for a few years now, and it is absolutely perfect.

Our great little truck is blue, my grandfather bought it many years ago from my grandfather. By the way, there are other cars in our house. But this mini SUV is given the most importance. Everyone in our family likes to take great care of it. That's why, even after so many years, it shines and remains like a new car.

I really love them so much that I want to get another one in beige. That's why I have a beige Jimny as my profile photo. That one is our neighbors and I have taken it out once or twice. I'm curious about going off road with one though. My father does it sometimes, with friends, but I have not had a chance to get out in the hills with one yet. They handle great on the road, and I bet they're equally fun in the dirt and the hilly country. Does anyone here in the Suzuki Jimny Group have one that they can show some off road action shots of? Comment down here please I would to see that.

Why do I love my Suzuki Jimny?

I do love my little truck. Not only me, everyone in the family likes it very much. By the way, we have other vehicles in our house, but there is a reason behind giving this one so much importance. This minitruck was bought by my grandfather years ago, and it is from him. He loved her very much and took care of her like her own child. That’s why, even after so many years, she still retains her shine and beauty.

My grandfather passed away a year ago, so after my grandfather’s death, my father became very attached to this SUV because it was the last sign of my grandfather. My father loved my grandfather very much. That’s why he loved his grandfather’s Zook so much and cared for it so much.

Caring for the Suzuki Jimny

My father saw that the Jimny was well taken care of and he built a garage for it at home. He takes special care of its cleanliness. He cleans it well almost every day. After cleaning our Zuk, he covers it with a good sheet. I also help take care of it in my father’s absence because I like it too. No, I love this like no other mini SUV.

My father has installed fiber covers on the seats of the front of it. Due to these fiber covers, the interior of the car looks absolutely clean and beautiful. No stains and no rips or tears.

Suzuki Jimny right hand drive manual transmission

I might add some accessories or something to it if we find any on this forum here in the Jimny classified ads.

Who drives most of the Jimny?

I also drive this truck. I love to drive it, but mostly my father drives it. Our whole family is jealous. When they drive inside it, they are very careful because it is their little favorite too. They care a lot about it - we all do. Our family goes on a mandatory picnic once or twice a week, and mostly we go on the Suzuki Jimny because all our family members love to travel on it and have fun with it. My father often goes to the hilly areas with his friends for outings, and he travels on it because it is good to travel on. My father says he drives  it around 80–100 km a week. My father drives it the most I guess, but it's very carefully, and he keeps the speed low.


My grandfather bought a Suzuki Jimny many years ago, and we got it from him after he passed. Even after so many years, its shine remains like a new car. After my grandfather’s death, my father became attached to this minitruck because it was the last sign of him. His father’s favorite car was the Jimny. We keep it in our garage at home and take special care of its cleanliness. It gets driven about 100 km a week carefully, and rather slowly. The interior of the car looks absolutely clean and beautiful. You all would love it. We do. 

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