Suzuki Sidekick & Geo Tracker Prices


WOW, Suzuki Sidekick and Geo Tracker prices are currently sky rocketing. Values of our mini-SUVs are rising, as the infallible li'l trucks increasingly gain in popularity. Actually, it looks like all 4x4 and minitrucks are really a very popular item with thrill seekers and cool truck drivers around the world at this time. 

I was just searching BringATrailer auction site for these rarities and was surprised that there weren't any actually for sale at this time, but in the past Sidekicks and Trackers have fetched very high selling prices. 

Finding Suzuki Sidekick and Geo Tracker Prices

Look at this example of a Suzuki Sidekick For Sale as it was listed from Idaho on BAT (see screenshot below). In January 2022 this badass Sidekick JLX with a removable hard top and 59,000 miles on it, auctioned off for $23,000. Can you imagine what a ultra-rare TIN TOP would fetch on that auction website? Everything over there seems to sell in seven days and at a very high dollar. Granted, this example of a TOAD is quite nice, but you have to realize also that its mileage is actually even higher on the chassis because of the fact that it was towed unknown miles. I think that's why its ad says 59k miles "shown". Also note that this minitruck for sale has a tow hitch on the back. They ain't much of a tow vehicle, so I wonder what they were pulling with this rig? Hopefully not much more than a bike rack.  

Suzuki Sidekick Cost at 2022 Bring A Trailer Auction has a listing for a 4x4 1995 Geo Tracker tin top for sale automatic with immaculate interior for just (hidden price). That's a steal, especially considering it was a barn find owned by some little ol' lady who only drove it 12,300 actual miles! Me thinks @sidetrackspro better increase that asking price on this minitruck forum of ours here. hahaha! Do you agree? Leave a COMMENT below. 

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Rising Suzuki Sidekick and Geo Tracker prices

Anyway, my point here is that the growing trend for people to "get out there" and explore, camp, travel, and go wheeling etc. is really bringing light to our rather rare mini SUVs because of their eye appeal and their wheeling prowess (4x4 versions). The result is raising Suzuki Sidekick & Geo Tracker Prices on the 4x4 models. What do YOU think? Comment below...

Update 7-20-2022 With Another High Priced Geo Tracker Sold

Geo Tracker High Resale Value

This Geo Tracker just sold for $16,500 in a BringaTrailer auction. I watched this mini SUV throughout its seven day listing and saw it stagnate for a few hours on the last Sunday. In the last five minutes the bidding war was waged, and the end time was extended a few times until nobody would anti up anymore.

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