Squatch Rated Badges for our Minitrucks

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There's no denying that our tough li'l ol' rare minitrucks are very hard to find. I'm referring mostly to the minitrucks from the 80's and 90's that were oft delivered in four wheel drive versions, and are much revered on the trails today. Even in two wheel drive form, these minitrucks are difficult to stop, but the 4x4 ones are just GOATS.

Such mini mountaineers came mostly out of Japan in that era:

Of course, there are also some really cool ones from around the world:

Squatch Rated Badges Origination

Jeep has this thing about badges on their front fenders that has caught on wildly in the SUV and truck market these days. The coolest fender coin badge I've seen was a distressed brass looking American flag badge with 4x4 as a caption. That flag doesn't appeal to the majority of our minitruck niche, and a lot of the cool mini SUVs are not 4x4, so that doesn't 100% apply either. I really dig the rare use of bronze colors for a coin badge though.

To commemorate these wonderful old beauties, I wanted a unique fender badge all our own, and I wanted that weathered bronze coin aesthetic. The U.S. flag is a cool way of repping a locale, but it's the wrong representation for the bulk of the market. The 4x4 caption is very, very popular these days, and I like the placement of it, just not the wording.

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I considered all of the aforementioned thoughts and themes and I have designed and produced a mold for our own fender coin badges to be made out of zinc alloy with a sticky backing. The three main ideas in my design are: i) & ii) Since our little SUVs do so well out in the wilderness, and keeping up the rarity theme, there's nothing more wild and scarce than a sasquatch, right? iii) Most of the minitrucks and small SUVs come from Japan, so I wanted to incorporate the Japanese rising sun emblem too. That can be interpreted as a regular sunburst for the non-Japanese SUVs, not necessarily a Japanese flag. So I designed Squatch Rated badges that portray wilderness, off road, rarity, toughness, and the rising sun in a antique brass look.

Sasquatch Rated!

My Squatch Rated badges have been manufactured out of zinc alloy and are ready for your minitrucks. Zinc alloy is particularly strong, stronger than carbon steels, but pure zinc becomes ductile and malleable when heated between 110°C and 150°C. Do not try to bend these on a curved surface. THESE ARE MEANT FOR FLAT SURFACES ONLY.

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These are billed from my Your Web Programming Department, Inc. (YWPD) PayPal account.

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