Popular Overlanding Accessories

boondocking with overland camping necessities at Big Bend Park, TX

There are several popular overlanding accessories I would like to highlight.

These days overlanding is a big deal. There are Overlanding Conferences, meetups and all kinds of events, plus there's the great outdoors calling out to everyone with a minitruck to get out there and enjoy/experience nature in the raw (not glamping).

Top 6 Popular Overlanding Accessories

Here are several popular overlanding accessories that consistently tend to be in high demand. There are, of course a plethora of others, and a plethora plethora of makers, but these stand out as overland add-on trends:

  1. Roof racks and roof-mounted storage solutions: Roof racks, and cargo baskets in particular, are extremely popular add-ons for the mini SUV market. A rack or cargo basket will provide additional storage space for equipment, such as spare tires, rooftop tents, awnings, and cargo boxes, among other things. They allow overlanders to carry gear and essentials on top of their miitrucks, and are needful things because of the lack of interior storage space. Minitruckers, offroaders and overlanders have two choices: pack lightly, or store stuff outside (and still pack lightly). I use a cargo basket on my Tracker. Various ways of storing stuff inside the truck are also popular (i.e. shelves, drawers, bags, MOLLE et cetera).
  2. Portable refrigerators and coolers: While portable fridges are better at keeping consumables chilled, they are bulky with very limited inner space. Do coolers offer more storage per square inch when you account for the amount of ice you have to put inside? Do coolers cost less per day of use considering the number of bags of ice you buy to keep stuff chilled (and sometimes waterlogged IYKYK). Both of these appliances are useful to keep food and beverages cold during overlanding trips. They are designed to withstand rugged conditions and are energy-efficient, making them popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Keep in mind that the fridges do not keep a temperature that you specify, they only promise to stay up to 30 degrees F cooler than the outside air. If it's 110 degrees outside, your fridge can only keep a temperature of 80 degrees inside. That's warm. I'll stick to ice, myself.
  3. Recovery gear: Recovery gear includes equipment like bottle jacks, farm jacks, shovels, axes, (chainsaws or pole saws), tow straps, snatch straps, winches, come-alongs, shackles, and traction mats. These tools help overlanders safely recover their vehicles when stuck in challenging off-road situations. Some also help to clear a trail when progress is impeded. If you really get out there overlanding, then perilous situations will occur eventually, in your solitude and you need to be able to get yourself out to safety.
  4. Portable power solutions: Overlanding often involves being off the grid for extended periods of time. I can go for a couple of days without some amount of electricity other than the truck's 12 volt lighter jack, but some people cannot. Whether electricity is needed for charging devices or running a fan or whatnots, if you plan a 4 day excursion or longer, you will need something to provide power. Portable power systems can be an extra 12 volt truck battery, dual battery systems, solar panels, generators and portable power stations. Any of these allow overlanders to do more than just charge their devices. They actually run electrical appliances for you while camping.
  5. Roof-mounted tents: Roof-mounted tents, also known as rooftop tents or RTT, have gained popularity in the overlanding community. They provide a comfortable and elevated sleeping area that can be easily set up and taken down, making them one option for outdoor enthusiasts when the ground is either dangerous or outright uncomfortable. I use a ground tent, though, because I like to stay at a site for more than a day but also like to head out and explore (go wheeling) my surroundings. I don't want  to pack up everything just to go offroading and then set it all up again afterward. That is what you would have to do if you had a RTT rig.
  6. Off-road lighting: Upgraded lighting systems, including light bars, spotlights, and auxiliary lights, are sought-after accessories for overlanding. These lights improve visibility during night drives and off-road adventures. They are useful when backing into the woods in the dark, or forward motion in bad visibility of any kind.
The Rocky Road RTT is an example of popular overlanding accessories

What Is The Most Popular Overland Add On?

It's important to note that the popularity of specific overlanding addons can vary based on individual preferences, vehicle types, and regional trends. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on current sales volume of popular overlanding accessories, it's advisable to consult industry reports, retailers, or manufacturers specializing in overlanding gear.

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