Off Road Enthusiasts on a Cruise Ship?

I might be interested in trying to arrange for a lot of us to meet in person on a Cruise Liner out of Daytona Beach, or somewhere else in Florida some day. I'm quite sure I could grab a bunch of people from this minitruck forum who would want to take a cruise for any reason, even if it doesn't involve off road adventure.

What an interesting way to meet up, don't you think? We could have a group travel vacation and I could enjoy the fun along with y'all, (maybe I'd get comp'd a free cruise in exchange for my organization work). It'd be relatively easy for us to do, because I would handle all the cruise line bookings for each of us. Ask me for more details, let's see if we can pull it off. Travelers would be able to come from anywhere to meet up on a cruise ship. Would that be cool?

For North American travelers, we could meet at Orlando Airport (MCO) or Daytona Beach Airport (DAB) and get a group charter bus to the cruise ship terminal port. I've read about this company and it is very reputable. I think I may be able to get us a transportation deal from them.

Maybe we could work with the cruise line to arrange off road enthusiast related events on board or on land at some stops en route. That would be super fun and interesting in foreign lands if rentals are available for our quick stop off the ship. The on-land connection to the rentals would need to run like clock work so we wouldn't miss our boat. It would be really cool to go wheeling in some foreign place, even if only for a short while.

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Care to contact me about this? I'm stoked! If not on a boat, let's meet somewhere, okay? Chat me up.

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