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Isuzu Minitruck

Toyota Revo

Model: 2020-2021

Driven: 45,000 km

This Toyota minitruck is a Hilux

Description: I bought this truck last year brand new from Honda Store ,since then it is with me .I have travelled to different places on it in deserts and mountains as well this is the most favourite truck owned by our family it has really comfortable seats with back rest and air bags as well so we can easily say that it is safe to do even drift while driving this truck its really really smooth going it has some awesome interior features like

Toyota minitruck - Hilux with double din deck

⦁ Touchscreen LCD

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⦁ Push Start Button

⦁ Keyless Entry

⦁ Downhill Assist Control

⦁ Adjustable Steering Wheel

⦁ Hill Start Assist

⦁ Climate Control

⦁ Mobile Phone Connectivity

⦁ Cruise Control

⦁ Trip Computer

⦁ Voice Recognition System

⦁ Cooler Box that can hold two 600ml water bottles

⦁ Power Steering

This truck has maintained passenger safety in this generation of Hilux Revo, same as it did in the previous iteration. The Vehicle Stability Control system has been enhanced to maintain vehicle stability by automatically controlling the brakes and engine to prevent oversteering and understeering when the vehicle is turning.The transmission portion is the next sector that has seen significant improvements. The newly designed automatic and manual gearbox systems provide a smooth driving experience while also providing wide gear ranges for improved power and fuel economy, reduced friction, and the best driving response and acceleration control system.The inside is an experience in and of itself, built for comfort and optimum accessibility with cleverly planned storage areas.With the New Generation 1GD engine’s greater torque and power output, improved suspension system, and enhanced power steering, you’ll feel tremendous power in your hands. New six-speed manual and automatic transmissions enable the Toyota Hilux Revo’s improved performance and efficiency, including an “intelligent” manual gearbox that helps reduce shift shock by adjusting engine rpm to transmission speed.It has a minimum turning radius of approximately 6.7 metres. It has Rigid Leaf rear suspension and Double Wishbone front suspension. Drum brakes are used in the rear, while ventilated disc brakes are used in the front.It’s a diesel vehicle. The fuel tank capacity is 80 litres, and the vehicle averages 9 kilometres per litre in the city and 12 kilometres per litre on the highway.

Toyota Hilux minitruck nice wheels

The OE tyres are 265/65 R17. The wheel diameter is 17 inches.Safety features in the new Toyota Hilux Revo are:

⦁ Vehicle Stability Control

⦁ Hill Start Assist

⦁ Active Traction Control

⦁ Downhill Assist Control

⦁ Trailer Sway Control

⦁ Safety Airbags

⦁ Airbag Indicator Lights

⦁ ABS with EBD and BA

⦁ SRS Knee Airbag

⦁ Immobiliser

⦁ ISOFIX Child Seat Anchors

⦁ Impact Absorbing and High Strengths Structure

⦁ 3 Point Emergency Locking Retractor

⦁ Light Reminder

⦁ Key Reminder

Some of the images of my Truck are below:

Toyota Hilux Revo interior

Minitruck Feature- Toyota Hilux Revo Instrument Panel

Toyota Hilux Revo engine compartment


⦁ Higher resale value.

⦁ Off-road capable and less likely to get stuck off-roading.

⦁ Added safety due to the higher height and better visibility in a 4X4 drive truck.

⦁ Increase in traction and stability allows for a more secure driving experience, especially when in slippery weather conditions like snow, ice and rain.


⦁ More costly when it comes to MSRP and insurance premiums.

⦁ Lower fuel economy.

⦁ Lower towing capacity.

⦁ Higher bed, which makes loading more difficult.

My Isuzu Double Cabin

Model: 2003

Driven: 12,972 km

Isuzu Pickup front right corner

⦁ Description: It is Double Cabin Daal Isuzu Turbo.  It has Engine of 2500cc .It has Power Windows Central And Remote Locking Rear 2 Double Seats are Installed . The Ac Suspension ABS Alloy Rims New All Perfectly 100% okay. It is Japan Manufacture in 2003. We bought it in Auction in 2021 held in Islamabad, Pakistan Register 2022. It has never been repainted .It is Painted Originally except Only 2 or 3 Pieces Just Touching Tokens Update ,rest all is the original company painted. It is Non Accidental No Work Required 13 Plus Fuel Average It has Lightweight alloy rims . The truck was in the use of an Army Officer, which is why it has bench seats installed in the pickup truck bed. We Still have the Auction sheet available with us it has ABS Air in it some other silent features include

⦁ ConditioningAlloy

⦁ RimsAM/FM

⦁ RadioCD

⦁ PlayerFront

⦁ SpeakersPower

⦁ Locks

⦁ Power Steering

⦁ Power Windows

If you are planning to go on an adventure with style and comfort? The Isuzu truck is the ultimate car you need to go for a memorable excursion. It is an all-in-one vehicle that will give you style, comfort, power, spaciousness, and robustness. It is a car perfect for taking on challenging terrains and unexplored areas. It is sure to give an experience like never before.The truck exterior and interior are exceptional and have surpassed the standards set by its predecessors. The Isuzu double cabin is a mighty beast that is packed with a powerful engine in a streamlined muscle body that projects style and robustness. Compared to its competitors, it is an affordable option and therefore loved by people.The interior of the car is also stunning with immaculate details. The interior detailing, from the upholstery to the installed equipment, is classy and up to date. The car’s interior is very spacious, with comfortable seats and a complete entertainment package for the passengers. The steering and windows are power controlled, making the use very easy. The truck manoeuvring over rugged areas becomes very easy with a power-controlled steering system. Marks makes the best use of this amazing vehicle to increase its functionality further and make it more useful. Marks has modified the Isuzu double cabin with different styles of canopies to make it functional for different purposes. Marks uses high-quality imported fibreglass to design and fabricate customised as well as standard canopies.

Some of the images of this trucks are as under:


Isuzu Engine

Isuzu tailgate:

Isuzu tailgate


Isuzu pickup truck interior dash and front seats

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