Minitrucking Merit Badges

Similar to the Jeep "Badge of Honor" that gives merit in the way of badges for off-road accomplishments, we have our own Minitrucking Merit Badges program to honor those minitrucks and drivers (and passengers) who have participated in certain recognition worthy feats. If you have been there, you deserve the braggin' rights. Our badge of honor program is not just geared towards Jeeps and their owners. Participation is awarded to any driver of any rig, anywhere. Further differentiating from the Jeep Badge of Honor program, our Minitruckin' Merit Badges program is not limited to trails, but also includes other events.

We may work on an app to enable check-ins at the trails and events that y'all can download from the app stores.

Points for Attendance

You can earn points aimed at rising you up through the ranks. Instead of ugly, large, rectangular, hard badges, your Minitrucking Merit Badge reward will be a light weight sticker that is cheaper to make and quicker to mail.

The ranking system is as follows:

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  • Rookie: 0 - 99 points
  • Trail Visitor: 100 - 799 points
  • Trail Navigator: 800 - 999 points
  • Trail Pilot: 1000 - 1999 points
  • Trail Explorer: 2000 - 3999 points
  • Trail Conqueror: 4000 - 6499 points
  • Trail Master: 6500+ points

Points will be awarded for various levels of participation. For example, your reward for checking in at an event or a trailhead would be 100 points. Sharing photo proof on this minitruckin' website would earn you 20 points. Commenting on a trail page will add another 10 points.

Earning Minitrucking Merit Badges

When you check-in at a known trail and confirm your location on this website, you will earn your digital badge. If you are a Member, you can buy the sticker that corresponds to the accomplishment. Proud trail runners stick the Minitruckin' Merit Badges to the side of their vehicles, showing off their accomplishments for all to see.

Trails Where You Can Earn Minitruckin' A Merit Badge

Leave a comment if you know of any trails, other than the following 61 trails throughout 23 states. If you have other trails of which you can inform us, please quickly comment here to have it added to the program.

You can find the growing list of off-road trails right here. Several Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR) forthcoming.

You can find events at which you can accumulate points in our MINITRUCKIN' EVENTS section of this website.

Alabama - Stony Lonesome OHV Park

  • Switchback to Who's Your Daddy #500 - Difficulty 7-9
  • Gut Buster #508 - Difficulty 7-9
  • Trail #404 - Difficulty 3-5


Arkansas - Hot Springs ORV Park

  • Rubicon Ridge  - Difficulty 3-6
  • Snake  - Difficulty 2-4
  • Fun Run  - Difficulty 5-7


Colorado - Colorado Badge of Honor trails.



Indiana - Redbird State Recreation Area.

  • Trail #2X - Difficulty 8-9
  • Trail #3 - Difficulty 5-6
  • Trail #3X - Difficulty 7-9
  • Trail #5 - Difficulty 4-5


Missouri - Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch.

  • Guard Rail - Difficulty 5-6
  • Pee Wee's Crossing - Difficulty 3-5



North Carolina

Oregon - Tillamook State Forest.

  • Cedar Tree #13 - Difficulty 4-7
  • Firebreak 5 #14 - Difficulty 5-8

Pennsylvania - Rausch Creek Off-Road Park.

  • Trail #11 - Difficulty 2-4
  • Crawler Ridge - Difficulty 5-9
  • Crawl Daddy - Difficulty 5-9

South Carolina

Tennessee - Windrock Park.

  • Trail #16 - Difficulty 7-8
  • Trail #26 - Difficulty 5
  • Panther Rock Trail #51 - Difficulty 3-5


Utah - There are 11 Utah Badge of Honor trails.


West Virgina


What Are The Trails Like?

The aforementioned trails have diverse terrain, including easy-going routes and bypasses, rugged terrain, steep climbs, and tree-lined paths. Your AllTrails or Gaia app can provide information about a trail, with a link to the trail’s website. You should get info at the parks themselves, and you can engage with other minitruckers who have already driven the route right here on LilTrucks using private messages or group messages and even video calls.

Here's a list of the grades of trails based upon their difficulty. You should really know your limits and your rig before arriving at a trail.

  • 1 - 3 easy
  • 4 - 5 moderate
  • 6 - 7 demanding
  • 8 - 10 very challenging

"Keep the shiny side up!"

Do you know of a trail that is NOT on the above list? Do you have input as to the operation of this Minitrucking Merit Badges program?