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Daily Driver, Curbs (we know who u r!), Sandy Beaches, Deserts, Mountains, Picnics, Overland Camping, Boondocking, Dirt Roads, Offroad Trails, Rocky Roads, Moderate Mud, Deep Sloppy Mud, Shallow Water Crossing (up to floorboards), Deep Water Crossing (up to window)

Store Bought Customization

Light bars , winches , switches , shackles , various other things !

Mud grip tires ! Then the transmission went out . She got parked for three years when I bought her because of a bonded title . So I had to wait out the time limit on that new transmission and transfer case and u-joints .

Built Not Bought Customization

NAJ=  The one in the photo, I got aluminum panels from electrical transformer boxes at a decommissioned power plant I used to work at , and removed all the cardboard backed panels inside (ie; door skins , bpillar skins , rear 1/4 panel skins , rear door skin , and replaced them with aluminum cut to match and adhered with stainless screws around the boarder .

Reupholstered seats with faux leather red and black , new top , aluminum skid plates , and light bar brackets all from the same material !


At one point in time I had

NAJ -1997 Geo tracker 4/4 named NAJ because Everytime I took her to topless weekend everyone would say ” hey that’s not a Jeep !!”

MINIMUTT – 1997 geo 8valve 2wd. She started it all ! I turned her into the smallest truck out there . With a bed that was 3 feet long . I extended the rear by 1 1/2 feet to make the bed I wanted a mini truck like the 80’s Chevys and so I did the bed in wood.

BB – 1998 Geo tracker 4door hard top I bought for my wife and my 10 year anniversary. She blew a hole in #2 piston top inside of two months . Scrapped her after that about 5 years later .

BLACKIE -2001 Chevy tracker 4door 2.0l bought and sold in approx three weeks . Bought it with all sorts of problems and fixed them to flip her for a profit . Made only a few dollars , but kept her going for a while longer.

Last but certainly not least

BLUE -2003 Chevy tracker 4door auto. She was a trooper !!! Owned her for almost 9years she went through hell and two young boys into teenagers !!! My 15yro some almost cried when we sold her . My wife did !! We loved that little truck . The only thing I ever had to fix on her was the alternator 5 years ago and the starter the day I sold her . And I paid for the starter because it was the last thing I could do for her .

NOW MIND YOU WE OWNED ALL OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME . plus a pickup truck and three motorcycles still have the truck and one of the bikes .

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Baxter Augustus Donaldson "bumpers" "fuzzy speed bump"


Not Much, Light Mechanics, Mechanic, Light Fabrication, Fabricator, Fix Some Dents, Truck Interior Cleaning, Truck Full Detailing, Upholsterer, Bolt On Additions, Hard Customizations, Full Resto


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