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Daily Driver

Store Bought Customization

Only thing bought from a store really is maintenance items, everything is for the most part made to fit by me via different parts that I like from other cars.

Built Not Bought Customization

The suspension consists of a set of VW coilovers modified to fit with Tracker top hats and camber bolts.

The wheels are 94-95 Mustang Tri-Bars mated by a set of wheel adapters.

The body consists of a 1st gen Eclipse Bomex front bumper, VW GTI side skirts and Grand Am Wings West rear bumper. The fender flares are from a JDM Accord wagon. The top is half hard top and the sunroof is from a soft top that I cut. I have the front hard top with a glass sunroof as well. And last but not least, the hoodscoop from an 02 WRX STI (Bugeye).

Motor is stock, just cleaned up and a cold air intake and Borla exhaust. 5 speed manual trans and 4×4 with the locking front hubs removed to fit the wheel adapters.

Interior is Pokémon themed currently with Orange Tracker LSI seats, plans for Recaro black leather VW GTI seats in the future.

The trailer started it’s life as a 96 Tracker, was my father’s daily and came across a 94 LSI that he liked better. The 96 ended up a parts car for both of our Trackers. I had the idea to cut it in half and make a trailer. The tongue is from a Chevette my parents flat towed behind a motor home when I was a kid, the tool box is a freebie from a buddy and the top are 2 soft tops and yes, the windows unzip like factory including the front window. The inside consists of a sub floor and a Nissan Titan bed liner cut to fit.

Future plans is bodywork and painting the Tracker and Trailer white and accented with teal and hot pink.

  1. Aside from the Tracker,  I own a 60 Studebaker Lark convertible and my wife has an 02 Silverado.

My Lifestyle


Had a dog that recently passed away. Her name was Abby, had her since 6 weeks old to 15 years old. Abby was a Brindle mixed with Boxer and Pit Bull.


Light Mechanics, Light Fabrication, Fix Some Dents, Paint & Body Work, Truck Full Detailing, Bolt On Additions


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