How To Win a FREE Geo Tracker + Recovery Gear

I'm giving away a free Geo Tracker, a.k.a. Chevy Tracker. This is virtually the same thing as a free Geo Tracker, Chevrolet Tracker, GMC Tracker, Pontiac Sunrunner, Asuna Sunrunner, or Suzuki Sidekick.

Prize Delivery

In the following two cases, I can drive your prize to you, and you will only pay for my return flight to Texas.

i) Canada: If you are in Ontario, I can drive it there.

DIY like a pro! Shop from over 1,000,000 Repair Manuals at! As low as $14.99 per manual. Shop now.

ii) USA: It's possible for me to drive your free Geo Tracker to most parts.

A winner from Australia, South Africa, South America or anywhere else in the world can auction it here and get your money.

Win this Green 1998 Chev Tracker 4x4 giveaway
Win this free Geo Tracker, or free trail recovery gear

How To Enter This Free Geo Tracker Contest

Your profile meter has to show that you have 100% completed a few profile fields. It is that simple to get ONE chance to win, but the number of chances you have to win my Chevy Tracker will be based on POINTS.

How-To-Win-This-Free-Geo-Tracker Profile Completion Meter

Register as a member on this LilTrucks network site.
Activate your membership. (You will receive an email).
Fill in all profile fields to 100% completion.
That is all. You will be automatically eligible to win.

Let me know your Instagram name so I can see if you follow @sidetrackspro there.

Invite a ton of people to become new members using your personalized invitation URL (

In addition to simply entering your name by registering on this site, you should concentrate on inviting people and earning as many points as you can. Every 250 points gets you another chance to win my minitruck.

PERK: You will get your membership upgraded to the top level (Platinum Membership) if you follow me on IG. Only Platinum Members have access to this entire site. That means Platinum Members can earn more points.

POINTS: You will earn points on this minitruck website for nearly every action you take. Points will count toward one's chances to win in 250 point allotments. Every 250 points gets you another chance to win my minitruck.

In addition to the points that you accumulate, you can obtain extra chances to win a free Geo Tracker by:

  • Purchasing Products: No purchase is necessary, but anything you buy on will count as an extra chance to win the free Geo Tracker.
  • Sending Invitations: Every 5 invitations that you send (using your personal URL found on your profile page). It behooves you to invite as many people as possible because the giveaways do not start until there are 4,000 members on with 100% completed profiles.
  • Blog Writing: Write blog posts with a minimum of 400 words + 1 photo. Write many blogs to get many extra chances to win. This is not a timeline update, it requires you to use your profile's built-in Blog function. (Find the Blog link on your profile page to get started.)

What are the other prizes in this minitruck giveaway?

3 other prizes of free trail recovery gear in the Geo Tracker giveaway.


Approximately $6,000 value! First prize = 1998 Chevrolet Tracker (Geo Tracker, potato - tomato)
Shipping is not included. You must organize your own shipping, at your expense. There is only one, and there will be only one winner of it.

Second Prize

Second Prize = $250 Recovery Kit consisting of
1 new backpack to hang on your spare tire
2 new tow straps
2 new shackles (3/4")
1 new farm jack
Shipping is not included. You must organize your own shipping, at your expense.

Third Prize

Third Prize = $65 jerry Can:
1 Midwest Can Company metal gas can (red, 5gal)
Shipping is not included. You must organize your own shipping, at your expense.

Fourth Prize

Fourth Prize = $25 Bottle Jack (new 4 ton bottle jack -red)
Shipping is not included. You must organize your own shipping, at your expense.

When Will I Give Away a FREE Geo Tracker?

I'll draw names after we get up over 4,000 members on this site, so you better get busy inviting new members with your personal invitation URL.

Get more info on the free Tracker Giveaway contest here.

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    1. I upgraded you to the top level here, Platinum Membership for free. Now you can use everything on this site.
      You will need to 100% complete your profile to be eligible for any of the four prizes.
      Earn most points for more chances to win by blogging (it’s a link on your profile page) and inviting others using your personal URL found on your profile page.

    1. You are correct! In fact, anyone could make use of one more loveable minitruck. ❤️ Invite a lot of new members so i can give away this truck. Use your personal invitation URL that you will get near the bottom of your profile page.