Honda Acty Crawler Kei Trucks

white Honda-Acty-Crawler Kei-Truck with treads

Honda Acty Crawler kei trucks with their treads and beds and their economics, should be the perfect farm vehicle, or utility vehicle at ski resorts. Is the Crawler possibly the holy grail of kei trucks?

Kei trucks are very rare vehicles in USA, but a Crawler is the rarest of the rare because so few were ever made in just a few model years (94 and 99), and those later years were only as special orders. That and the fact that the Crawlers came with a set of treads or tracks that wrapped around the two rear wheels on each side for snow and mud traction.

They had a 130kph speedometer (80mph).

There are a couple of places you can buy parts for Honda Acty Crawler Kei-Trucks in either the HA4 or HA5 model configuration.

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4x6 Honda Mini Trucks

Four of their six wheels on this version of the Acty were drive wheels, making the Crawler a 4x6 machine. The fronts are drive wheels, and the first of the backs are drive wheels. They came with four real tires on rims to replace the track wheels. I guess you would take two off together and leave them in their track when you wanted to put real tires on without the track belt.

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