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Primitive Tent Camping with 1995 Geo Tracker tin top 4x4

Welcome to our Minitruck Forum & social network. (The trucks are small, the website is BIG.) I'm @sidetrackspro here on this site, and on IG. By the way, Insta is where I found that there is a need and desire for more digital services just for those of us who have this common interest - mini SUVs. I wanted to build a site where we can do a lot more about our love of our small trucks than we can do on Insta, or anywhere else. Sure, we bond there on IG (prolly always will) to the extent that IG will let us, but there's a LOT missing on IG that we can now have here. We can make this whatever you want it to be. For example, in this minitruck forum we can better group images with longer explanations to make "How-To" tutorials or progressions of a customization.

This is a unique place because, although there are social sites like IG where we can follow and DM each other and post about our shenanigans; and there are places where we post longer videos of our escapades like YT, and there are forums where we can communicate at greater length, and there are question and answer sites like Quora, and there are survey sites where we can discover statistics on things; but there is no place like liltrucks.com where we can do all of that together in one place and with one common interest - minitrucks.

You know how you need to go to IG to (VERY) briefly update everyone about what you did with your mini SUV last weekend, and then search exhaustively for a forum to find advice about fixing a certain something that you broke on said mini truck on the trail last weekend? Now you can do all of that in one place. Want to know what is the general consensus about an offroad mod you're considering? You can conduct your survey here. Need to organize a get-together or a meetup out at a specific trail? It's easy to do it here with an minitruck events calendar.


LilTrucks.com is a combination of a forum for advice, a photo repository, and a social network for mini truck enthusiasts who are out and about in their rigs doing fun and exciting things, and seeing amazing stuff.

It's FREE to join and establish yourself in a minitruck group of similar sport utility vehicle owners, and also co-mingle in the "general population" to see what drivers of other types of mini SUVs are up to. Find a group that suits what you drive, or start a new group where you and your like-minded little truck owners can interact.

Free members can have a social profile for all to see; post and reply in the forum; like other members; follow other members; send private messages; follow forum threads; post photos; and share videos.

Paid Members can start groups; live chat with other paid members; schedule live events; advertise; vlog; and blog.

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