FREE Offroading Sticker!

Free offroading sticker Upon Profile Completion

For a limited time, our minitruck forum members will get a free offroading sticker mailed to their address after completing their profiles in full.

Move that Profile Meter over to 100% and you will win the decal of your choice from our store. Go to and find the free offroading sticker you want, if any. Do not buy the one you want while you are there, just send me a message with a link to it, and it'll become yours.

How Long Do I Have To Choose My Free Offroading Sticker?

We are not offering you a free decals forever, so hurry up and let us all know all about you and your whip. There are no right or wrong answers to move the Profile Meter. Type in whatever you want our minitruck forum members to know about you and your ride. Maybe not posting any personal deets would be a smart idea in your public profile, save that for the private messaging system that we offer for free. Oh, there is also a free phone and video call system on our minitruck forum until further notice, but that's not the topic for this post.

Are the Free Decals Considered a Contest?

The decal give-away is sort of a contest in that you need to complete certain fields to set up your profile, but it is not like you will be competing against other minitruck forum members for a limited supply of decals. I'm giving away free decals to all members who complete the task of profile completion.

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Free offroading sticker Upon Profile Completion

Our minitruckin forum is free to join, and most everything inside is free also. Once you join you will receive an email with an account activation link that will make your membership real. After you activate your membership, you can proceed to complete all of the fields that will move the Profile Meter on your profile page. Only when you achieve 100% completion, can you choose a free offroading sticker from the decals category in my store.

Why Free?

I'm offering the gift of this minitruckin forum, and the services inside it for free, and the temporarily the free offroading sticker because I love everyone who loves their minitrucks. I am so passionate about little trucks and mini SUV's and I want to make it easier than any other social platform for us all to get to know more about each other and our rides, with potential for many more MEETUPS. We need to get together out in the wild, and this is the place to arrange all of that.

I'm always open to suggestions. Post yours below...

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