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  • dtruck

    June 23, 2023 at 12:05 pm
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    I asked ChatGPT A.I. what a minitruck is, and it responded with a definition of a kei truck or a micro truck from Japan, to which I replied:

    “That is not 100% true. Minitrucks are actually small pickup trucks and mini SUVs. KEI is just a subset of that.”

    So, ChatGPT apologized and admitted that I am correct. ChatGPT expanded on its first definition with this quoted further explanation, the “term “minitruck” can be used more broadly to refer to small pickup trucks and mini SUVs in addition to the specific category of kei trucks.”

    “In a broader sense, minitrucks can encompass various small-sized trucks and SUVs designed for light-duty applications. These vehicles typically have compact dimensions, smaller cargo beds, and are often more fuel-efficient compared to full-sized trucks. They are commonly used for tasks such as light hauling, recreational purposes, and off-road adventures.”

    “While kei trucks are a specific type of minitruck, characterized by their adherence to the kei vehicle regulations in Japan, minitrucks outside of Japan can have larger engine displacements and may not adhere to the same size limitations.”

    “Thank you for pointing out the clarification, and I apologize for any misunderstanding caused by my previous response.”