1998 Chevy Tracker Giveaway!

More Information

READ https://liltrucks.com/minitruckin-chevrolet-tracker-giveaway/ about how I'm giving away my 1998 Chevy Tracker (probably $6500 value in today's market).

There are also 3 other prizes:
1) $250 Recovery Kit
2) $65 5 gallon jerry can
3) $25 4 ton bottle jack

As soon as LilTrucks.com reaches 4,000 members I will randomly draw four winners: That's 1 first prize winner; 1 second prize winner; 1 third prize winner; and 1 fourth prize winner.

Prizes must be accepted as they are where they are without cash equivalents.

You must fill in your profile until its meter reaches 100% complete, and join a minimum of one group. New group or club suggestions will be implemented for you if needed.

There are ways to obtain extra chances to win.

  • Win a free Geo Tracker - actually a green 1998 Chev Tracker
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