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White Chevrolet Tracker minitruck

So we LOVE our Li’l Trucks! I know that I do love mine.  By way of a little introduction – I am not the “typical” off-grid traveler, overlander or vehicle enthusiast and yet here I am. I think that when I began traveling internationally and then returned to off-grid camping, long distance hiking and vehicle dwelling/van life, I may have been searching for a community of like minded people. I have spend plenty of time learning to avoid others in order to get some peace and quiet and to slow down my lifestyle. I find that a slow pace with lots of outside activity in nature seems to help me to be a healthier and happier person.

In late 2021, after a series of not so great vehicles, I searched far and wide for an economical, capable small 4 wheel drive vehicle. A vehicle that I could afford to not only run, but maintain on my fixed income.  After many discussions with all my friend and acquaintance mechanic buddies who suggested everything from the too expensive for my budget Toyota FJ and many older model smaller pick-up trucks to any of the Suzuki based vehicles.  Eventually the search for a Suzuki was on!  In December I found my Li’l Chevy Tracker.  It had been parked under a tree in Southern California. The previous owner had dreams of running the Tracker in the sand dunes of Ana Borizo. With age and health issues, the owner was never able to complete his dream and decided to sell his dream vehicle.  He was rather surprised that anyone would be willing to travel – a whole 9 hours away to look at and buy a little Tracker!  I feel blessed to have found a nearly stock Tracker that is automatic and 4 wheel drive!

About that same time, I began exploring online forums, websites and communities associated with Trackers....I am now a Suzuki lover and a contributor here at Li'l Trucks - especially in the Tracker and Camping forums. Around this same time, I became a volunteer and eventually an instructor at the Overland Expo events. I also, have been blessed to enter my Li'l Tracker into the Overland Vehicle Showcase.

This picture was from my first camping trip in my CT.

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After the long road trip with my mechanic - my new to me baby was trailered back to my local mechanics shop where it was lovingly brought up to date over about 3 months. An engine once over, new hoses, plugs and wires, 02sensors, lift kit and wider tires....and eventually she was ready for some miles.  As soon as my CT was higher speed and road worthy – I went on my first camping trip – a local one – and I was so encouraged and excited to go further and dream of more adventures…

This spring I went on my first BIG bucket list driving adventure and joined an Overland group on a convoy to Baja Mexico. Our trip included driving sections of the Baja Divide Trail!... which is one reason that I would love to have Li'l Truck trail badges - kinda like Jeep people have - to mark a big accomplishment! 

You can follow me and my adventures as well as my Sunday Simply Live chat over on YouTube @simplylesa if you like….and here on Li’l Trucks I will be blogging and becoming more active in the forums.  It will be great getting to know you over here.

Keep on keeping it simple y’all!



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