Chevy Tracker Travels – Baja 2023

Once upon a time in a land far far away - a group of Overland acquaintances agreed to an adventure convoy! 

Gathering in Yuma, Arizona to cross the Mexican border into Baja. The more than a month long adventure began..... tune in for more as you meet a very unlikely adventure-er named Simply Lesa! 

Lesa is 65 years old, on disability, with a fixed income of around $1000 a month. Simply Lesa lives 95 percent of the time as a full-timer in her 1998 2 door Chevy Tracker! Yup - IN and OUT of her Chevy Tracker. Lesa has lived as a minimalist for years. She has great packing skills and chooses light weight and ultra light weight gear, that she has tested and perfected for her kind of World Travel that includes Bushcraft and Overlanding. 

Her 1998 Chevy Tracker now qualifies, in Arizona as a Vintage vehicle.  Because of her unique choices, she has become an Instructor at the Overland Expo events and her Tracker has been featured in Overland Expo Showcases.

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Lesa - well, me, I began this particular adventure with a few apprehensions as I had never actually physically shifted my four wheel drive Tracker into 4 wheel drive! I also did not have an air compressor, nor a gas can or bladder.. and though I am a seasoned dirt road driver - I have driven dirt roads for years and with many different 2 wheel drive vehicles, I honestly was a little scared of heights and cliffs and sometimes afraid of the unknown.  I am and was capable of changing a tire, or smart enough to ask for help and to keep a check on my fluids in my vehicle. I have driven a few times in 4 wheel drive in a couple other cars. I, also, had lived in Central America for approximately 7 years in the early 2000's. I have a pretty good basic understanding of Spanish. I have a natural talent for communicating with others whether I understand their language or not. I, also, had recently been diagnosed with MS! Since the MS diagnosis was kind of fresh, I wanted to cross a BIG Epic adventure off my bucket list - Just in case! 

I made sure that the entire "convoy" understood my limitations and my wishes - because who knows what might actually happen. You might imagine how it felt. Imagine being the Oldest in the group, the Poorest in the group, the person with the least amount of 4 wheel drive experience, and the person with the slowest, littlest, oldest and the vehicle with the least amount of mileage! 

Here's a link to the video of the "Good Vibe Tribe" as we all arrived and prepared for departure. We actually departed that same morning.  Which was an adventure in itself....I will save that for another posting...I was so busy that I didn't get many pictures that particular morning!

I have a LOT of pictures and stories and even "advice" for y'all, I will be moving my blogging over here - after years and years of blogging over on blogspot. Hey, y'all understand that I simply don't want to have to work on so many different platforms and I am so very grateful and glad that Sidetrackpro has created this space for so many lovers of LilTrucks - like Little Trucks of ALL kinds...and since I like driving little vehicles more than I like driving 'monster trucks" and since...well I will hold that story for another time as well!

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