Best Water Purification Straw?


What is the best water purification straw for overlanding?


Make the unthinkable, drinkable!

What if you get lost in the wilderness, or find that you headed out on the trails without any water, or just ran out of H2O and had nothing else to drink? This happens a lot and it can develop into a life or death matter.

Part of overlanding is hazard and safety preparation, not only for your 4x4 rig, but also for yourself and fellow travelers.

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Without a filter, you can not just drink from any puddle or stream because of contaminants, natural ones or man-made toxins, regardless of how pure it looks or how clean you think (hope) the water source might be. You'll get sick.

With a water filter, you can. So go get one!

Filtering Water-From a mud puddle or any questionable source

If you want to be safe and prepared for the worst, you need this portable, innovative device. It may be the best water purification straw because it ensures clean and safe drinking water anytime, anywhere. XStream™ Straw Water Filter guarantees you will be happy with your purchase or they will credit you back. This must be the best water purification straw for overlanding, camping, hiking, travel, and emergency survival. It's a lightweight and completely portable natural water source filter, in fact it's ultralight and takes very little space so it is even great for backpacking.

A couple filtering water from a stream in the wild

Any genuine overlanding enthusiast or outdoor adventurer would love their choice of the XStream Straw for getting pure, safe drinking water out in the wild.

How to Use a Water Purification Filter Straw

How to Use a Water Purification Filter Straw

No need to lie on the bank of a stream and scoop sips of water at a time into your dry mouth. Sit up and use the straw filter from any position.

Dip the 24 inch straw into the questionable water source, or add the extension for a total of 48 inches of straw reach.

The straw water filter includes a very handy spray pump so you can use it to wash edibles like fruits and veggies before you eat them. They would be no good if washed straight into a suspicious stream or other water source. Its spray pump is even a great way to wash and clean your hands, mouth, face when sanitary conditions are not present.

Put the Journey Filter at the end of your straw and directly into the water source.  Then uncap the nozzle of the straw extension and drink away with confidence. Refreshing!

This water purification straw removes bacteria, virus, protozoan parasites, giardia parasites from 250 gallons of water.


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